I am developing it with Symbian S60 3rd edition FP2 sdk in Carbide c++ 2.0
edition. I have purchased a publisher id for developing multimedia
capabilities from Trust Center. I am using VAS(VoIP Audio Services) plugin
for playing, recording audio over IP.

I am testing my application in Nokia N79. Currently I have an issue in RTP
streaming from N79 to a soft phone.

My working scenario is as follows:

1. Nokia N79 is registered with our sip server. It is made as default
2. I have enabled this profile in my Softphone.
3. I made a sip call to my desktop softphone say 'kapanga'.
4. The call gets landed and rtp packets are streamed to and fro.
5. I am sending recorded packets with RTP header to desktop softphone.
6. I am recieving 160 bytes from kapanga. I am splitting this into two 80
bytes and prefixed it with 0x01,0x00 as I am using G711 audio codec.When I
gave the output without splitting, it was giving an exception.

Now my issue is I am getting background noise when I try to play the audio packets in Kapanga send by N79, but the audio recieved from kapanga are played in N79 without any issue. I tested kapanga softphone with
another softphone, it is not having any issue with playing of audio. With
that we can conclude that there is some issue in the way I am sending of
RTP packets.

Please help...........................................