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    j2me benchmarking tool

    Does anyone know of or use a good j2me benchmarking tool available other than TaylorBench and Amark?

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    RE: j2me benchmarking tool

    We have released StrangeMaze 3D, a 3D first person maze puzzle racing game, with it's own benchmark built-in. Since the game is standard MIDP 1.0, freely available in trial format, and works on most Java phones we're hoping that the StrangeMaze 3D benchmark will give a useful real world comparison of Java phone speeds - a bit like the Quake benchmark for PCs.

    The benchmark is not a detailed benchmark that some developers would require, but it does give a single score for each phone which describes the relative processing power of a phone for a 3D game. This general score is aimed at end-users as well as developers.

    More information and results can be found at:

    A free 2 level trial version of the game with benchmark is available for OTA download from our WAP site www.awjg.com

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