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    Java games WAP downloading with size more than 60kb

    Problem description:

    All we wanted to do was to download JAVA games from Interent (WAP) using our handsets (we have Nokia 3650 and 7650). Specification says that there?s no limitation on jar file to be downloaded. But, in practice, we failed to download all games, which size were more than 60 kb. The problem was:

    1. Handset connected to the requested resource

    2. Began to download it

    3. After some period of time, it stopped downloading, connected second time (Server logs said us that there was a second request to this resource) and raised an error with message ?Page is not available?

    But, have to say, there were no problems with downloading files with fewer size.

    Having tested on Nokia phones, we used SonyErricson P-800. There were no problems detected! Also, using Internet Explorer browser we succeeded in downloading large resources and that ?big? JAVA games.

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    RE: Java games WAP downloading with size more than 60kb


    At first, check the connection settings in the terminal. You need to use permanent connection mode because that enables using SAR (Sergmentation and Re-assembly) which is required for downloading bigger files than 30 KB. Secondly, check that operators WAP gateway supports SAR and lets through such a big files as 60 KB.

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    Satu/Forum Nokia Developer Support

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