HELSINKI, Finland - June 25, 2009 - Sevana Oy today announces the immediate availability of Sevana Audio Quality Analyzer (AQuA) 2.1, a new tool that enables automated audio quality testing. AQuA is based on proprietary algorithms featuring a unique opportunity to provide sound signals quality testing of voice, HD Voice and other sound signals of various bitrates and sampling frequencies. AQuA is one of the easiest and fastest ways to measure voice and sound signals quality.

Typically, voice and music quality is measured according to the Mean Opinion Score (MOS) or ITU, which provide a numerical indication of the perceived quality of received media after degradation. The MOS is expressed as a single number in the range 1 to 5, where 1 is lowest perceived quality, and 5 is the highest perceived quality. In a similar manner PESQ and PEAQ provide values of voice and music quality. Obtaining MOS estimations is time-consuming and expensive as it requires hiring experts to make estimations. Further more, HD Voice is a rapidly growing development, however, many existing test methodologies including PESQ, PAMS, PSQM are more suitable to work with lower bandwidth audio and not with HD Voice.

Sevana Audio Quality Analyzer is designed for obtaining precise testing and analytics for HD Voice and varied sampling frequencies and bandwidth products. AQuA provides voice quality measurement and testing for different sound signal formats:

16bit@8kHz, mono - AQuA voice quality testing

16bit@16kHz, mono and stereo - AQuA HD Voice quality testing

16bit@44kHz, mono and stereo - AQuA wideband audio signals quality testing

Test results are presented as percentage of similarity to the original audio in terms of quality, and/or MOS value, and/or PESQ value. Besides that AQuA gives extensive report on reasons for audio quality loss.

The mechanism of testing and measurement of sound signals quality requests the original and degraded audio for comparison. Original and decoded signals are compared using an internal audio signal comparison function, and a signal similarity coefficient is displayed. 100% corresponds to identical signals. Fully functional demo versions for testing voice, HD Voice and music files are available.

On request, Sevana engineers can provide custom editions of the product tailored specifically to the needs and software projects of the customer as well as software versions for Linux systems.

Sevana Audio Quality Analyzer 2.1 is available today.

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