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    Not getting enough feedback from OVI's publishing team when app fails

    I have uploaded an app to the OVI store. Four days later, I received a 'failure' email from the publish.ovi.com email address.

    We do not believe that the problem (pointed out by the OVI publishihng team as a problem) is actually a problem. From the summary that OVI provides, it is difficult to know the steps they went through to find this "problem".

    I have emailed the publish.ovi.com email address asking for more details about the failure and requested more specifics regarding the steps they went through to get to where the failure occurred. We even asked for screenshots so that we could see the "problem" they are telling us about. But I have not heard back from them at all.

    Is there another way to contact the OVI publishing team and those people who are reviewing the applications before they get published? Is there a phone number to contact them? Is there another email address where you can contact a specific person?

    We want to get our app uploaded and published as soon as possible. But we are losing precious days waiting to hear from the OVI publishing team. Again, we think we can explain away these items that they have taggeed as "problems", since they are not really problems. But to do so, we need to contact them directly.

    Any help would be great.



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    Re: Not getting enough feedback from OVI's publishing team when app fails

    Hi Mike,

    What is the content item name? We will look it up for you.

    Thank you

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