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    Where's the PyS60 1.9.6?

    I'm disappointed that it's not in the maemo garage yet :-(

    They used to ship every 24th of the month, except for 25 of may but now they seem to be further delayed?

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    Re: Where's the PyS60 1.9.6?

    That's just it, they used to ship every 24th of the month. There is no guarantee that it will always be on that exact date Maybe they had some important issues to solve before the release.

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    Re: Where's the PyS60 1.9.6?


    It was just a psychological deadline that team might have set for themselves and we discovered their secret apparently, nothing comminted

    Hopefully, 1.9.6 should be out with some more fixes and features soon!
    Pankaj Nathani

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    Re: Where's the PyS60 1.9.6?


    - New version of Qt for S60 was released yesterday, maybe they're busy integrating PyS60 with that
    - There was Midsummer during this sprint, maybe they desided to have extra days
    - Maybe they found Show Stopper defects at release testing and cancelled the release
    - Maybe they found Show Stopper defects at release testing and decided to have extra days to fix them

    You know end of June is magical. It's the end of first half of the year. Many things can happen at end of half of the year. Better keep fingers crossed...


    --jouni not a bit worried, really...

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