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    how to catch and stor events in a file

    Am newbe,am intresd on log events,i'v consult many sources and tutoriels speeking about this,but i have a problem to make my client charged and executed event i havent run the application,because i wan to catch every event and test if it is a voice call,sms,mms or data call,and stor it in a file ,in other way,am developing for a N95,and i wan to never lose an event ,even he is unrolled 35 days ago,becose i'v not start my log application .

    Is there any section in any of symbian books,or tutorial who tell how to program this?.

    thank u

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    Re: how to catch and stor events in a file

    First make a list of which events you aim to log, and then check the sdk docs for public apis to achieve this.

    You will find some snippets in FN wiki as well.

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    Re: how to catch and stor events in a file

    David is absolutely correct on the advice on how you should start forming the plan for your application.

    Anyway, just curious, what is the purpose of the App ?

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