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    Question 6212 SDK & Emulator

    Does anyone know if the 6212 emulator with an external reader (Pegoda 701) has support for NFC-forum type 4 tags (ISO14443A-4)?
    The emulator gives the message "Tag cannot be used" but the same type 4 tag read by a target 6212 has no problem.


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    Re: 6212 SDK & Emulator

    I could assume it should have support for those refering to this site: http://www.forum.nokia.com/Tools_Doc...Features.xhtml

    There is said following:
    What support is provided for external card readers?

    External readers can be used to simulate NFC features such as reading and writing to physical tags and communicating between an applet running in a smart card based on Java™ Card technology and a MIDlet running in an emulator. The emulator supports connection to the following external card readers:

    * OMNIKEY 5321 (with support for tag read and write, and access to secure elements).
    * NXP CL RD701 (with support for tag read and write).

    The SDK includes an external card-reader plug-in API, which can be used to enable other tag readers.

    Using these readers, the emulator provides support for reading the following virtual tag types:

    * NFC Forum Type 2.
    * NFC Forum Type 4.
    * Mifare Standard 1k.
    * Mifare Standard 4k.

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    Re: 6212 SDK & Emulator

    Funny thing is that the same NFC-forum SmartPoster tag on a standard Mifare tag works fine on both the phone and in the emulator, so it seems like the Type 4 tag (ISO14443A-4/ISO7816-4) is not supported in the emulator but only in the phone?

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    Re: 6212 SDK & Emulator

    Hello, Sorry for stupid question if it is but i'm starting...

    I have an issue with the sdk & emulator 6212.

    Before to go with the readers and all, I created different tags, calendar, bookmark and other and it worked fine.
    just the application to show the result on the device.

    Nevertheless, after saving, closing and opening again, all my tags shows the message "tag cannot be used"
    Even the example tags as clock, vcard and note, even i didn't changed them.

    Do I need to desinstall, reinstall and retry or can i check something why all is lost ?

    Thanks in advance for support,


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