I want to create an application that plays some sound and that uses Qt to display a user interface. I got both the Qt SDK and the S60_Platform_Audio_Output_Streaming_Example_v1_2_en. After successfully designing my user interface and running it on the device, I wanted to add audio.

I think I have to link against mediaclientaudiostream.lib in order to use the Sound-API of the mentioned example. When using qmake as a build system, it complains that it cannot find the lib.

On my system, the library is located in C:\S60\devices\S60_5th_Edition_SDK_v1.0\epoc32\release\armv5\lib whereas Qt searches in C:\S60\devices\S60_5th_Edition_SDK_v1.0\epoc32\release\armv5\urel.

When coping over the lib, the linker still complains:

make -s -r -f "\S60\devices\S60_5th_Edition_SDK_v1.0\EPOC32\BUILD\Symbian\Carbi
de\workspace\keyboard\KEYBOARD_0XE635F0EC\GCCE\KEYBOARD_0XE635F0EC.GCCE" UREL
arm-none-symbianelf-ld: ERROR: Source object \S60\devices\S60_5th_Edition_SDK_v1
00a0000}-3.o) has EABI version 2, but target \S60\devices\S60_5th_Edition_SDK_v1
\keyboard.exe has EABI version 4
arm-none-symbianelf-ld: failed to merge target specific data of file \S60\device
stream.lib(mediaclientaudiostream{000a0000}-3.o): In function `theImportedSymbol
: undefined reference to `#<DLL>mediaclientaudiostream{000a0000}[10003996].dll#<
make[2]: *** [\S60\devices\S60_5th_Edition_SDK_v1.0\epoc32\release\gcce\urel\key
board.exe] Error 1

I downloaded all symbian SDK 5, Carbide c++ as well as the Qt-Temple release today so I wonder how to get libraries that match to the same ABI number.

I'm posting here and on in the Qt-board because I think this is not a Qt specific problem. I'm also very familar with Qt on the desktop and think I can provide any Qt related information if neccessary.