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    RAS setup for EPOC emulator


    I am trying to set up the RAS for the emulator.

    When I run the "commsdb_ras" I get a message as follows:

    File not found - cdbv2_ras.dat
    0 File(s) copied
    The system cannot find the file specified.
    commsdb set for using NT RAS and fbusmedia.pmm renamed


    I checked the install directories. There is no file by the name cdbv2_ras.dat. There is a cdbv2.dat in the
    %EPOC_ROOT%\wins\c\system\data. So how do I get hold of the cdbv2_ras.dat file?


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    If I remember correctly, there were several versions of the cdbv2.dat file in the 0.9 version of the Series 60 SDK, one of them was cdbv2_ras.dat. The commsdb_ras command was used to copy this file over the original comms database file, cdbv2.dat.

    If you are using the SDK v1.0, this procedure is no longer required (thus the cdbv2_ras.dat was removed). In v1.0 SDK, the cdbv2.dat file already contains a working access point profile for use with RAS. You can view and modify it directly from the emulator:

    Configuration -> Settings -> Connections -> Access Points -> NT RAS

    The RAS access point uses it's own TSY module for NT RAS connection (NTRASTSY), which also implements its own login script. If you are having problems connecting to RAS with the default NT RAS profile, you can try to turn the ' use login script' option from the Access Points -> Advanced Options to 'no'.

    The configuration the server (NT) end is similar to what's described in the document "Setup Connection Between Nokia 9210 Emulator & NT RAS Server", available from http://www.forum.nokia.com (Symbian Documents section).

    Best Regards,
    FN Developer Support

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    Dear reinio, I have the same problem as rkuppala.
    The Operation System is windows 2000 professional and the SDK version is 1.2.

    Configuration -> Settings -> Connections -> Access Points ->...

    I found 'Direct PPP' and 'RAS PPP' instead of 'NT RAS'.
    What should I do now?

    After created two connection, one for HOST, one for CLIENT, I dial-uped. But the computer told me the modem's port error.

    P.S. To create the emulator connection, I must have a modem?


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    Hi fnds,
    I dont know if this would be of much help to you all.The virtual serial port driver is required to simulate the null modem
    connection in your system which is required for making the socket

    This takes only couple of minutes with SDK 1.0 and you have network as fast as your LAN is directly in your emulator:

    1) Disable COM1: from BIOS or My computer->properties->hardware (or configure emulator comms for other port)

    2) Download Virtual Serial Ports XP3 from: http://www.mks.zp.ua/vspdxp.php and install it (reboot)

    3) Start virtual serial port and configure COM1: COM2: as loopback

    4) Start $sdkpath$\Epoc32\Release\WINC\UREL\mRouterLite.exe and select COM2: (115200 bps)and start connection

    5) start emulator and your application. During IAP selection choose NT RAS and there goes. No need to setup and hassle with RAS or direct-cable.

    I hope this helps all of You who is sick and tired for emulator/ras/cable-kludge. The only drawback is that the virtual serial port costs $99 for single license (it has 14 day trial). Wish Nokia could include it or subsitute in the emulator .


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    cdbv2.bat in v1.0 and v1.2 are diffirent.The operation on RAS due to this reason should also be diffirent,right?


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    help me to configure the 9210 emulator to windows xp

    dear sir,

    I am a postgraduate student from bangalore, india.

    I am working on 9210 emulator.
    my system configuration is windows xp professional,MSVC++ 6.0, nokia 9200 series communicator sdk.

    I have gone through document which says how to configure NT RAS and nokia 9210 emulator which is there in nokia website but i am having windows xp.

    can u help me to configure my my 9210 emulator so that i can access internet from my emulator and also to run tcp/ip based applications.

    thanks in advance
    vinayaka karjigi

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    Hi Vinayaka,

    I haven't configured NT RAS with my emulator rather i get connected to the network making use of the ethernet plug-in.

    I was using the Windows XP,Series60 v 2.0SDK.If your objective is to get internet connectivity,you can use the ethernet plug-in to achieve that.But don't know whether it will work with 9200 series communicator sdk properly.

    I can help you in solving the problems related to ethernet plug-in only and have no knowledge about the NT RAS configuration.

    Thanks and Regards,

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    as mentiomned there are basically 3 way how to connect emulator to ethernet:

    Ethernet-plugin( 7.0s and upper )
    mRouter ( use NAT ) - nicely described by tippu

    In 7.0s prefered solution is Ethernet-plugin on 6.1 if NAT is not a problem for you use mRouter (tippu solution), but if address translation is problem, the only solution is RAS.


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