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    How to play mp3 file?


    I find this link from google search: rtsp://,%20_Op.%2016-Levine,_Berliner_Philh-DG-1987-10-Mvt_1.mp3

    This file play properly on PC's Real Player but when i try to play on emulator it gives me an error like unable to connect a server....

    I have a "OggVorbisController" source code and build successfully but when run this than do not seen on emulator. Any idea about this? how to solve this?
    I read thread http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...t=71353&page=2 (104). please tell me how i can implement OggVorbisController in my application? where i can get ogg codec (mmf plugins to play ogg audio file format) and real player controller plugin?

    I would like to know if symbian C++ contains classes to support playing mp3 files or do I have to write a plugin for that.If creating an mp3 plugin is the case then can u guys please give me some idea about creating one?.Any help would be greatly appreciated.I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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    Re: How to play mp3 file?

    To play mp3 use CMdaAudioPlayerUtility class

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