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    Unhappy Can't build the project

    I create a Symbian application in Carbide c++2.0 with a lot of source files(about 2700 *.c files and 1500 *.h files). After click "build project", the build process is hung in "Refresh". It take more than 5 hours to refresh, but the process rate is always 24%.
    Could you tell me if this is a limitation on carbide IDE under bigger project?
    How can I handle this issue?


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    Re: Can't build the project

    wow that is a lot of files. any ways i can guess that carbide.c++ indexer takes that much of time. (might guess that CDT of eclipse also will behave the same). the logical work around i can think of is divide all files in multiple projects that generate a static lib that might help.

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    Re: Can't build the project

    Quote Originally Posted by but0092 View Post
    It take more than 5 hours to refresh,
    See this post about "Refresh fixes". If you have 2700 source files in one MMP, the progress might appear "stuck" on that mmp file build stage, but it should not lock up the IDE (see thread)

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