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    [Beginner] [Carbide.C++] Mercurial Plugin


    I'm trying to follow Symbian Development (recent curiosity cause I own a 5800). I installed all the tools (ADTv1.0 and the SDK) and I think I'm almost ready to play with my new toy.

    Anyway, my problem currently is that it is stated that Eclipse plugins will work in the Carbide.C++ environment. I tried to install the Mercurial (source code versioning/team plugin) to Carbide.C++ . Although it installs correctly (or so it seems), the plugin fails with the following error messages:

    An internal error occurred during: "Checking if Mercurial is correctly installed...".

    a) Before, I contact the plugin developer, has anyone faced this issue before ?
    b) Do actually all the eclipse plugins work with Carbide.C++ ?

    Thanks for your time

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    Re: [Beginner] [Carbide.C++] Mercurial Plugin

    yes almost all eclipse plug-ins work with carbide.c++ only thing we have to take care is use the correct plugin version for the eclipse version the carbide.c++ uses.

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    Re: [Beginner] [Carbide.C++] Mercurial Plugin

    I have been using latest Hg plugins for a while and they work (although the start-up time is quite painful).


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    Re: [Beginner] [Carbide.C++] Mercurial Plugin

    You do have Mercurial installed and configured, right? The Carbide.c++ only provides a UI for Mercurial, it does not substitute it nor does it install it if missing.
    -- Lucian

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