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    Thumbs down How to use TMMFileSource() function

    Hi , I am trying to develop a AudioPlayer Application in S60 3rd FP1 (E71). How to use TMMFileSource() function to open mp3 files . Which are the header files and '.lib' files i have to use. I found <mm\mmcaf.h> aginst 'mmcommon.lib' in S60 Documentation . When i tried to add these files , error is showing mmcommon.lib is not found . Help me.............

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    Re: How to use TMMFileSource() function

    Unfortunately they seem to be true: the SDK Help does not mention that mmcommon.lib is not present in the SDK, but it is really missing from the SDK. And in addition the given .lib is not part of the plugin packs either.
    However there is a question which remains: why do you think that this API is required for playing .mp3 files? For basic player functionality the simple CMdaAudioPlayerUtility is already capable of playing audio files (including .mp3).

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    Re: How to use TMMFileSource() function

    For what do you need TMMFileSource? I think it is part of Symbian OS, but was removed in s60, but it is exists in UIQ3.

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