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    Intercept normal SMS Text using SMS API OR WMA ?

    Ok, I've had a read of the specs and examples on both the Nokia SMS API and also the Wireless Messaging API and it seems to me that the following is the case ....

    In Midlet code, if you specify the destination phone number when opening a connection but NOT the port number then the SMS sent on this connection will go directly to the destination phone's Inbox and cannot be intercepted on that phone by any Midlet.

    What I would like to do is to be able to intercept Text SMS messages sent in the usual way from any phone to a Nokia 3410 (using SMS API) or 3650 (using WMA 1.0).

    I don't think it's possible but thought I'd ask.



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    RE: Intercept normal SMS Text using SMS API OR WMA ?


    To make you sure for this, I have to say that you are right,
    anly way how MIDlet can receive SMS is by listening a spesific port number SMS is sent to.

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