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    Deleting an image from the NDEF tag

    I have written an image on to an NDEF tag of the Nokia 6131 NFC tag. I tried this with a 20*20 image size. I tried to change the image and write a bigger image on to the tag. However, I am unable to write a new image to the tag. The reason for this is the first image must be deleted before the new image is written to the NDEF tag. Is there a way to delete the image from the NDEF tag.
    Amar Sahu

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    Re: Deleting an image from the NDEF tag

    when you format a tag as NDEF, the keys will be,

    What are the keys used with the Mifare NDEFTagConnection?

    There are essentially 2 keys used for reading NDEF tags:

    - keys used for the MAD area, which are: A0A1A2A3A4A5

    - keys used for the NDEF area, which are: D3F7D3F7D3F7

    Nokia 6131 NFC - FAQs
    So... use a desktop application with a NFC reader to change these keys to default ones.

    please have a look at NFCTagger application (not used to change keys)


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