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    missing plugin support for devSound in S60 5.0


    having worked with s60 3.0 SDK, i am aware that support for DevSound related headers,libraries and subsequent development is not part of the standard SDK package. We need to install additional Plugin pack to get started with programming when DevSound API's are needed.

    On similar lines i have installed S60_5th_Ed_SDK_API_Plug-In_Pack_v1_0.exe, as a support package for s60 5.0 SDK, I have found even this package did not contain the needed files.

    It would be great if somebody can give me some pointers on how to install the missing files.

    Ravinder Chouhan
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    Re: missing plugin support for devSound in S60 5.0

    Hello. I had the same problem and I have some solution, if you need it now.
    First of all, check this thread http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...136#post634136
    The solution is to install extension plugins to S60 3th edition sdk and then copy all headers, lib-files, dll-files you need into S60 5th ed sdk. I've done this and devSound is working fine on emulator... and on real device, but with some bugs, but probably I am just using devSound in wrong way )

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