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    A-GPS, SUPL protocol, want to know about ' PP2_SPC_Master_key'

    Hi All,

    I am developing A-GPS using SUPLv1.0 protocol.

    In Network initiated (server initiated) and Non-Proxy scenario,
    1)(A-GPS)Server -------->SUPL_INIT------------->Client(Mobile Phone)
    SUPL_INIT is through SMS/WAP
    SUPL_INIT message contains session-id, address of the SPC, proxy/non-proxy mode indicator, Key Id, MAC and the intended positioning method.
    SUPL_AUTH_REQ message contains session-id, key-id 2 and SET_nonce.
    Session-id is generated by the client
    SET_nonce is 16-byte random number.
    key-id2 corresponds to 'PP2_SPC_Master_key', this is to be generated/created by the client(Mobile phone).
    This key, PP2_SPC_Master_key, is used to derive 'PSK_SPC_key' which is used in TLS-PSK authentication between client and server.
    So, I want to know about the 'PP2_SPC_Master_key'.
    Does any one of you come across this key 'PP2_SPC_Master_key'.
    How can we get/read this?
    What is the procedure?
    I think this is operator provisioned key.
    Do you know the exact location, means EF file address.
    Thanks in anticipation.

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    Re: A-GPS, SUPL protocol, want to know about ' PP2_SPC_Master_key'

    I'm rather sure that you are not supposed to use the SUPL server directly, but just use the LBS APIs provided by the platform.

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    Re: A-GPS, SUPL protocol, want to know about ' PP2_SPC_Master_key'

    Hi symbianyucca,

    Thanks for your reply.

    Could you please elaborate on using the LBS API for fetching 'PP2_SPC_Master_key'.
    Is there any API in Symbian or elsewhere to provide this key information?
    If yes, providing the API information would be of great help to me.


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