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    Question Problem using os.system()


    I'm writing a small method to replace some text in a file.
    The only argument I need is the new text, as it is always the same file and text to be replaced.

    I'm having a problem using the os.system() call, when I try to use the argument of the method

    If I use a string like below, everything runs ok:

    stringId = "GRRRRRRRRR"
    cmd="sed '1,$s/MANAGER_ID=[0-9]*/MANAGER_ID=" + stringId + "/g' path/file.old > path/file.new"

    Now, if i try to give a string as a parameter like below, the command is not executed.
    I do a print to see if the command is correct, and it is. I can even execute it with success if I copy / paste to my shell

    import os
    def updateExportConfigId(id):
    stringId = "%s" % id
    cmd= "sed '1,$s/MANAGER_ID=[0-9]*/MANAGER_ID=" + stringId + "/g' path/file.old > path/file.new"
    print "command is " + cmd

    Does anyone knows what is wrong?

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    Re: Problem using os.system()

    Hello and welcome to Forum Nokia.

    However, this forum is specially for the Python for S60 (PyS60). For non-PyS60 Python questions, you will probably get better answers at other programming Q&A sites, for example StackOverflow.


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