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    DrawPie draws a square...

    I've got the code for drawing a pie
    I followed the guide How to draw arcs and ellipses
    And it all works well in emulator, but on different phones (I've got S60 3rd ed. basic and FP1) it just always draws a full square. Maybe there's something missing in the documentation, b/c I have no idea what else can I add there...

    There's a code

    //preparing pie
      TInt radiusX = iPieRect.Width()/2;
      TInt radiusY = iPieRect.Height()/2;
      iPieEnd.SetXY(iPieRect.iTl.iX + radiusX,iPieRect.iTl.iY);
      TPoint centre(iPieRect.iTl.iX + radiusX,
      TReal x = 360*aPercent*KDegToRad/100;
      TReal y = (360*aPercent/100+90)*KDegToRad;
      TReal dx, dy;
      TInt err = Math::Sin(dx, x);
      err = Math::Sin(dy, y);
      dx = centre.iX+(radiusX*dx*2);
      dy = centre.iY-(radiusY*dy*2);
    //this *2 is a factor to place the point outside of the square
    //I tried them outside, inside, one out one in, none worked...
      iPieStart.SetXY(dx, dy);
    //drawing pie
      if (iPieStart != iPieEnd)
      TRect pieRect(iPieRect);
      TPoint pieStart(iPieStart+rect.iTl), pieEnd(iPieEnd+rect.iTl);
      gc.DrawPie(pieRect, pieStart, pieEnd);
    Krzysztof Kucharewicz

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    Re: DrawPie draws a square...

    It may be some problem related to the emulated floating-point support of the devices.
    To check if DrawPie works at all, try some fixed values, like "gc.DrawPie(TRect(10,10,100,50),TPoint(50,0),TPoint(100,100));"

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    Re: DrawPie draws a square...

    Actually there was something else yet that caused the problem
    I was drawing the masked bitmap on the top of this ellipse and didn't reset the brush
    This wasn't a problem on emulator or S60 5th edition phone, so beware...

    Thanks for the advice with the TReal. I've also noticed that automatic conversion to TReal doesn't work well sometimes. Now using CFixed from NokiaCV
    Krzysztof Kucharewicz

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