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    VAS - clock & times

    I want to use VAS for full duplex over RTP
    on each peer i have 2 clocks:
    one for send from which i derive the sequence number and one for recieve to playout the buffer.

    if i don't use VAD i should get 2 callback every 20ms (in average) one from the mic with new packet to transmit and one from the speaker.
    the problem is that it seems that the callback aren't called with hard time.
    some time its early and sometime its late and with big diffrences sometime.

    is there any insight or regularity in the times so i would know what time stamp to put to each frame.
    if i use VAD thing are even worse..

    about play time, actually same problem, the requaest for new frame to play might come even 50ms after the first call.

    does someone notice this kind of behaviuor?

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    Re: VAS - clock & times

    what codec u used?
    Can you send me the sample code?

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    Re: VAS - clock & times

    Need to derive a mechanism to smooth streaming. Separate thread can be used or high resolution timers can be used.

    The time stamp of each packet should be incremented by 160 if application is sending packet of 20ms. For very first packet take tick count and then increment this time by 160 for each packet.

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