The Carbide.ui Theme Edition Nokia N97 Plug-in provides theme
developers with support for the latest S60 5th Edition theme
components, such as those for the new home screen, and theme elements
specific to the Nokia N97 mobile computer

What’s new in the Carbide.ui Theme Edition Nokia N97 Plug-in
The new Nokia N97 plug-in contains additional or updated theme
components and previews for:
• The new S60 home screen, available first on the Nokia N97 mobile
computer. Previews of the home screen are available in landscape and
portrait orientations.
• Thirty two new home-screen-specific application icons.
• A preview screen for Music Player 4, available in portrait
• 149 Nokia N97 mobile computer specific icons.

The installation of N97 plug-in is not same as previous traditional
plug-in. So please refer the "Carbide.ui Theme Edition Compilers:
Installation and User Guide
" carefully.

N97 Plug-in can be downloaded from,