Hi to everyone
I have a big problem and few time to solve it....

I try to explain my problem.
I'm doing a project for a Nfc wallet, so i've written a midlet that run on a nokia 6212 and a cardlet that I upload on the SE of this phone with jcop.
In my project, I access to the Se because my midlet is signed and the phone is unlocked; my problem starts in the payment process. Pratically, I'm simulating that the user enter the pin that unlock the secure element and then the user put the phone across the reader and then the seller make a transaction simply sendind an apdu.
My problem is that when I insert the pin and move the phone near the reader, jcop say that no card are available. I've tried to close connection from the midlet to SE using mconn.close() but nothing happen.
I've tried to add externalReaderDetected but the problem is the same.
the folw of operation that I suppose is this:
1) the user choose the payment operation;
2) He insert the pin number to unlock the cardlet;
3) he put the phone near the reader;
4) the seller that control the reader can send the apdu with the payment because the midlet has unlocked the cardlet .
How to give the control to the reader in order to send the apdu with payment request?
What I can do??
Thanks a lot.
Ops....I'm using a pegoda MF RD 700 as reader.