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    3510i, S/WIM card and Crypto.signText()


    I'm using a 3510i with firmware version 3.51. Crypto.signText() WML Script call fails with as if the S/WIM card wouldn't have any signing keys on it. The S/WIM card is from Radiolinja, and it the Crypto.signText() works if I use my S/WIM and colleague's 6510. On the other hand, my colleague's S/WIM fails the same way on my 3510i.

    Settings->Security Module settings fails by saying "Install security module" - as if the phone wouldn't see the WIM functionality.

    Is anybody else experiencing this same issue?

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    There is a known problem with WIM functionality in the current Nokia 3510i software implementation. We are working on the issue but unfortunately it is hard to say at this point when this will be solved.

    Our apologies for the inconvinience!

    Kind regards,
    Satu/Forum Nokia Developer Support

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