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    Exclamation GPS reporting N instead of S

    I'm devloping a location-aware application specifically for the Nokia 6210 Navigator. The problem is that on my phone, sometimes the coordinates are given as North instead of South, for example:

    33.56N, 18.67E when it should be 33.56S, 18.67E.

    This happens both in my application (using the S60 location API), and the Landmarks application. Not sure whether it happens in the Maps application or not.

    Why would this happen? I hope this is specific to my phone, and not every 6210 Navigator.

    Edit: I have A-GPS, integrated GPS and network based enabled in my phone settings, but I don't know which of these are actually used in the different applications.

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    Re: GPS reporting N instead of S

    Can you log the positioning data and see how frequent the bug shows-up and eventually under which conditions?
    -- Lucian

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    Re: GPS reporting N instead of S

    I've tracked down the problem, and it seems to be specific to the positioning method: it always reports S with the integrated GPS (which is correct), but always N with the "Network based" method (which is not correct).

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