My goal would be to remotely backup (and restore) an S60 nokia phone, with as little hacking as possible. Let's assume that i have the appropriate tools to move files to and from the phone via internet, install new programs, and i can make these tools work even on a factory state phone, but how do i do the backup itself? My ideas are these:

  • you could run the built-in Memory app (sys/bin/MMCApp.exe), but how do you give it parameters? eg. what to backup, where to place the created file

  • you could use an API, if there was one, but i couldn't find. Is there one? (any language)

  • you could copy the files containing the messages, calendar, contacts etc., but if i'm right, these files cannot even be copied (at least because they are in use, and the OS protects them anyway), not talking about beeing replaced

The language i'm learning at the moment is python, because it's simple and easy to learn, and this application doesn't need good performance. But if the backup is only possible using an other language, so be it, i'll try it. I searched through the half of the internet, and all i found which is even remotely connected to this topic is how to write backup-aware programs.
Sooo... any idea (link, documentation, article to read) is welcome, and thanks in advance


ps: in which topic should i post this question besides this? I mean this is not a language specific question, I guess