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    Question How to change the outpath of .o files

    How can I configure the output path of .o files so as to short the parametre length in gcc linker.

    Normally the .o files are copy into the below path:


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    Re: How to change the outpath of .o files

    Two parts can be shortened in this path:
    Quote Originally Posted by but0092 View Post
    The first part is covered by EPOCROOT, and the shortest possible path would be a \, when epoc32 folder is moved (or just linked) into the root folder (note that you will have to modify/remove the SDK descriptors in order to have it working, and also note that Carbide has its internal descriptors for the SDK-s, so you have to modify them too).
    The second part is the location of the folder of your project. It could be shortened too, either by moving or linking them to the root.
    A starting point for learning about NTFS junctions/links could be Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NTFS_junction_point

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