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    Help me on VOIP(SIP) in J2ME

    Hello i have worked with J2ME and i dont about SIp and i have to make MOBILE dialer or softphone in J2ME.
    please help me. i have gone through many threads but i did not understand. how can i start work on that
    i have:
    netbeans 6.1, jdk1.6 and wireless toolkit is 2.5.2
    what requires next for creating voip aplication on J2me.. and please provide me some code for SIP connectivity or provide me some guidelines that how should i start my project?
    i have to submit my project soon.

    waiting for reply of our experts.

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    Re: Help me on VOIP(SIP) in J2ME

    I want to do the same project like you (develop a softphone with j2me), can you help me by sending me your report and your application if you want!!!!!! I'm new in J2ME
    please give me your email to be in direct contact with you.
    thankkkkkkk you.

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    Re: Help me on VOIP(SIP) in J2ME


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