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    How to store previously selected items in Listbox selected on next run?

    hi all,

    I have developed application in which i have displayed phone contacts in listbox.User will select multiple contacts and will save that contacts in file. Now user will exit the application and when he will run the application next time i wanted to show him previously selected contacts as selected. SO anybody has any idea?

    I know the following API-

    iListBox->View()->SelectItemL( 1 );
    iListBox->View()->DeselectItem( 0 );

    But the problem is user may add/delete contacts so this index will change giving wrong results.If anybody has any idea it is welcome.

    Thanks and regards.


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    Re: How to store previously selected items in Listbox selected on next run?

    You will have to store information about the current selected contact when the application exits and then on the next run, locate those contacts in the list and mark them as selected, regardless of their [new] position in the list.
    -- Lucian

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