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    Thumbs down Hi , please read it carefully and help me

    Hi , please read it carefully and help me . In my pogram i have two views .in my first view(view1), i have a listbox with a list of Audiofiles .

    when i select a listitem , i want to change my view (to view2) and play the selected audio file in view2 .

    In view2 i have two Labels to display the filename and filelength of the listitem that i selected from View1.

    How can i do this . How to transfer data between two views .
    In here i want to pass two things, filename and filelength . please.... help me..............

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    Lightbulb Re: Hi , please read it carefully and help me

    Please read it carefully ... the title of this forum is "Symbian Media (Graphics & Sounds)" while your problem is one of UI design and basic C++. Why don't you decide on a more suitable forum and post your question there?

    And since I feel hungry right now here's a food oriented analogy: if you plan to eat dog stew (make music player) but you have no idea how to cook it (design UI), it is advisable to seek help from a Korean cook (UI expert) and not from an European dog breeder (audio codecs expert).

    A quick tip:
    - you handle the key/menu event that should trigger the view switch
    - store the data you want to keep (i.e. selected item) in your application's model/engine
    - call ActivateViewL
    - once the new view loaded you read the stored info and based on it populate the new view with corresponding data
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    Re: Hi , please read it carefully and help me

    hi vijay have to tried something till now.if yes then plz tell

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    Re: Hi , please read it carefully and help me

    Have you checked the thread of your alter ego? http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...d.php?t=172751

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