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    Global root overflow

    I get this message after approximately one minute of starting my app on a 6100. During that time, the app makes approximately 14 http requests. I've tried both InputStream.read(nbytes) and InputStream.read() in a loop, and get the same problem.

    It works fine on all emulators, and also works fine on a GX10 handset. 6100 firmware version is "v04.01 12-12-02 npl-2".

    Any solutions or workarounds most welcome as this problem is turning my otherwise cool app. into a pile of useless bits on Nokia :-(

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    In the software versions before January 2003 there was an error where the HTTP API could cause a global root overflow.
    Since January 2003 problem was fixed and does not accur with these later SW versions.

    The global root overflow only occurs if a lot of HTTP requests are made and there is no data in the response,
    so the simple solution is to ensure that the problem does not occur on any build is to make sure each
    HTTP response does contain some body data, the MIDlet can read and discard this if none is expected.

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