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    CodeScanner help pls??

    I unknowingly clicked codeScanner in carbide for my project's exe, but then learned that it does sth that I never wanted. (http://www.forum.nokia.com/Tools_Doc...eScanner.xhtml)

    Then I just tried to ignore, but that does not work, it gives this error:

    Errors during build.
    Errors running builder 'CodeScanner Project Builder' on project 'HTTPClientExample'.
    FLEXlm error checking out license for CodeScanner plugin

    And this screen:
    [IMG]C:\Users\asus\Desktop\Yeni Resim.bmp[/IMG]

    I want to switch back to my old configuration and settings but don't know how to do it, can someone help mee??


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    Re: CodeScanner help pls??

    which version of Carbide.c++ you are using .

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    Re: CodeScanner help pls??

    I use Carbide.c++ version 2.0

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    Re: CodeScanner help pls??

    Also, I thought that we can add pictures while writing something in the forums, but it did not appear( on my first post in this thread), so I post the contents of the picture which is the error screen)

    "Carbide uses a licensing technology called FLEXnet. The FLEXnet tool has detected a problem with your license. Please contact license.carbide@nokia.com for assistance.

    Please include the following information in your email:

    1. Carbide Edition, Version, Build number (Help->About)
    2. Approximate date of purchase and registration date
    3. The license file listed below found in <install>/Carbide.c++ Licenses/
    4. A description of your problem (what was working, what is not working)
    5. The error message below

    Checkout error returned from FLEXnet:Operation failed:
    Carbide feature: Carbide_CodeScanner
    Carbide description: CodeScanner plugin

    System clock has been set back.
    System error: 2
    FLEX Feature: Carbide_CodeScanner
    License path:
    C:\Apps\Nokia\Carbide.c++ v2.0\Carbide.c++ Licenses\Current_Active_License

    FLEXnet Licensing error: -88, 309"

    Just thought this will make error more clear.

    Thanks for any help..

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    Thumbs up Re: CodeScanner help pls??

    I realized this problem happens only for the project that I click "run CodeScanner", and then copied the project to somewhere else and imported from there. (escaped from the error ) Interestingly, myProjectName.rsg file disappeared from the epoc32/include folder, but I created it manually. Then solved my problem in this way. What I learned from these is for curiosity, I shouldn't click anything I don't know at least a little bit. Thanks for anyone interested in this thread.

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    Red face Re: CodeScanner help pls??

    hi, i'd the same problem 'cause i too was curios to see what's this code scanner!
    i solved with an update ('help' -> 'software update')

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    Re: CodeScanner help pls??

    Also carbide's project file (.project) should be examined.
    xml entry "<name>com.nokia.carbide.cpp.codescanner.CSBuilder</name>" should be removed

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