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    passing data from FORM to FORM

    hi there,
    i hv created a form with two fields in it and user have to feed these two values after having those two values i want it to switch to next form/screen where it displays the results of previously taken two number after using some formula. plz help no idea how to do


    STEP 1: Screen 1 displaying FORM with two input fields say "Weight" and "Height"
    STEP 2: then user have to press submit Soft key
    STEP 3: Screen 2 display the result of multiplication of those two number in a form

    Thanks in Advance

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    Re: passing data from FORM to FORM


    You can pass them as an parameter in the next form or can take public variable in appui that can be access anywhere in the project.
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    Re: passing data from FORM to FORM


    As discussed taking global variables in AppUi is a solution for you.

    1. Take three global variables in AppUi.
    2. Take value entered by user in two of them.
    3. calculate the area and store it in third one.
    4. show this one in the next form.

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