Hi all,
this is my first question, don't be too rude on me!
I'triing to do something with carbide.c++, what I want is a simple application with a "Settings" menu item that open a "Settings" view, all values should be stored (and loaded) somewhere in a "persistent" storage

I've started looking examples and I ve seen the NAC_scalable_TUI example: it's easy to read and understand

all values are stored "globally" into a member of MyDocument, this member isi an instance of a CBase derived class (CNoughtsAndCrossesInformationAndSettings),
and those values are "Externalized" into a text file using a stream

Ok, let's start carbide and suppose to use wizard (everyone love wizards)

I begin a new project, add a main container views and a 2nd Setting view, then I link all views togheter using AppUi()->ActivateLocalViewL, all works, OK!

the problem is that my T"MyApplication"SettingItemListSettings generated class is a T class, so a temp object,

and here I'm a little confused

now should I implement reading and writing to stream in LoadSettingValuesL and SaveSettingValuesL?

also as I need to use settings value in my application do you think that is it correct to store a copy/a reference of my settings object "globally" in my document/applicaton ? any other alternative ideas?