I am not sure where I am supposed to report bugs, but I have come across a couple of simple things that thought should be highlighed on my E71 which I believe is S60 v3.

First of all, in my SMS Sent folder, depending on whether I created a new text message or replied to one, the way the name is displayed changes. For example, 'John Smith' is displayed as both 'Smith John' and 'John Smith' in the same folder.

Second bug I found is when typing a text or email on the phone. When a new sentence starts, the device knows to automatically put an uppercase letter - great. Yet if I type a letter and then decide to delete it and start with a different letter, it is lowercase. When I had a SonyEricsson mobile many years ago it was able to cope with this deletion no problem. It knew that after a full stop it should be uppercase. Seems like my Nokia is half way there!

Anyway, I wonder if someone can move this to the correct forum where someone at Nokia will see these bugs.