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    CAknDialog Position


    i am deriving an own dialog from CAknDialog in order to get a dialog like the CAknTextQueryDialog but just with a custom menu - so long so good. I managed all the implementation and also screen position and size is equal to the query dialogs, as long as the orientation is in vertical mode.

    However if i switch to landscape mode the X position of my custom dialog does not equal the other dialogs X position. My dialog hides the scrollbar of the control behind the dialog (on the 5800) whereas other dialogs obviously somehow include the scrollbar width into their calculation. (my X pos > their X pos).

    Can you give me a hint on how to get the width of the scrollbar frame? GetDefaultScrollBarBreadth does not help. Also - as the AKN Dialogs can do it - there seems to be a generic way on how to get such width in order to include it into positioning calculations.

    Sigh - hope i could describe my problem in a way that you can understand it.


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    Re: CAknDialog Position

    PS that is my position code - i am trying to emulate the CAknQuery... dialog positioning (they also override SetSizeAndPosition for that). The line marked by >> and << is responsible for setting the position i am talking about.

    void CPhoneNumberQueryDialog::SetSizeAndPosition (const TSize &aSize)


    AknLayoutUtils::LayoutMetricsRect(AknLayoutUtils::EApplicationWindow, cRect);

    if (cRect.Height() > cRect.Width())
    // vertical
    } else
    // landscape
    AknLayoutUtils::LayoutMetricsRect(AknLayoutUtils::EMainPane, cRect);
    >> TInt iX = cRect.iTl.iX + cRect.Width() - aSize.iWidth - CEikScrollBar::DefaultScrollBarBreadth(); <<
    cPoint.iX = iX < 0 ? 0 : iX;
    cPoint.iY = Position().iY;


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