I am interested in using the positioning module with the internal GPS sensor of N95 8GB. I found the very helpful code example here: http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.ph..._read_GPS_data
However I have some question in relation to the use of GPS data from the positioning module.

1 - What's the unit of GPS speed obtained from the positioning module. I suppose it is meters/sec but I am not sure.

2 - What are the units of the GPS Longitude and Lattitude obtained in this code? I suppose they are in degrees but confimation would be very very helpful.

3 - What is the highest update rate we can obtain from the GPS unit? In the example code 0.2 sec is used to print the GPS data. Does the measurement actually come at 5 Hz?

4 - At the end of the example code, e32.ao_sleep(1) is used after every loop. Can we actaully use smaller sleep time at this step? Would choosing a shorter sleep time (let's say 0.01 sec) cause any problems for obtaining the GPS data?

I would be very glad if anyone can help me with these questions.