I am HyunJoo Oh, working at Genesoft Co., Ltd.

Genesoft is developing an application for Nokia phones.
Cause we do not have experience in Nokia phones, we need your help!
At this time, we would like to ask you three questions...

1. How to apply billing system?
The application developed by Genesoft is "GeneBook", an application for eBook. With GeneBook, users are able to do all relating to eBook from looking around titles, to buying or to reading.
To complete developing application, we should know billing system for Nokia phone and how to apply it to our application.
(For your information, billing way of GeneBook for BREW phone is payment per title or payment per data packet.)

2. The way of communication
According to Nokia's guide, most of Nokia phones seem to adopt HTTP except only two devices for socket based communication. Is it right?

3. Is there a function to get a user's phone-number?
GeneBook needs to get user's phone number. Does your developing tool has a function to do so?

Your tip is quite important to develop our application for Nokia phone.
I will wait for your answer.