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    [moved] Annoying defect

    When trying to debug an application try this:
    set the project to run epoc instead of your application - useful if you want to see exit reasons
    debug the project
    go to downloads and start your project
    note you can stop on break points - super
    exit the project
    start it again
    wait until it stops on a break point

    Now notice that carbunkle has decided you don't need to be able to step in, out, over, through, near, or even carry on from the break point. Your only option is to kill the emulator.

    This is the second place I've noticed people being 'clever' with the greying of menu items, but not clever enough to get it right.

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    Re: Annoying defect

    You can find a bug reporting tool in the Help menu of Carbide.

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    Re: Annoying defect

    I would suggest you to try the latest Carbide.c++ version (2.0.4.x) from Symbian Foundation's ADT and then, if the problem is reproducible provide the relevant info in a bug report. I have not seen such problem yet so maybe reproducing it is not as trivial as you might expect.

    Is this in any way specific to "S60 5th Ed UI, Touch and Sensors"? Anyhow, I think is mostly about Carbide.c++ (aka carbunkle) so I will move it to the corresponding forum.
    -- Lucian

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