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    download problem(unsupported content type)

    I am now working about download,now I am using NOKIA's wap gateway NAWG/3.1/Build43.and my browser is from OpenWave,now I encountered two problems:

    1>I want to download a gif file whose url is "**.**.**.**/image/1.gif" using wap browser, I have added "Accepted: image/gif" in wsp header, but wap always tell me "unsupported content type", then I added "Accepted: text/x-co-desc" to wsp header,but nothing changed. I don't know what content-type of the download data.

    2>If the size of gif file is a little large,the the gateway tell me"your client is not allowed to access the requested object", why? and How can I correct it?

    thanks very much!

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    -check that your browser support gif images
    -check also has the mime type set to the server

    -check what is your client's max deck size and is the gif file too large for your browser.


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