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    how to protect j2me software

    Hello all, there appears to be a lot of confusion about security with releasing j2me applications on the ovi store

    Please can someone who knows the answers answer the following simple question:

    How do we prevent users pirating our j2me software?

    From how I understand it

    -We can’t use DRM for midlets
    -We can’t distribute a locked version to be unlocked after install

    So there is nothing to stop someone downloading the full version and distributing it to everyone?
    The only real option at the moment is to give away a free trial time limited...

    what we want to do is also provide a year subscription to our data for a set price, but there’s nothing to stop someone downloading the app and installing it on their phone to activate their subscription and then putting it on the internet for everyone to also get a year’s free subscription

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    Re: how to protect j2me software

    please, someone must have some ideas?!?!
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    Re: how to protect j2me software

    Quote Originally Posted by dazza66667 View Post
    please, someone must have some ideas?!?!
    You have summarised well the problems involved. The problem is similar in symbian. The main problem with the encryption system that I tried using was that it protected others from breaking into the package, but did not protect against the simple unauthorized loading.

    This is real problem,special loaders which add signatures, encryption like PGP-e modified to allow decryption,which can be hard to bypass, but does not easily allow use for general consumers. whats the point!

    Probably no one has replied simply because there are no answers.

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