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    Secure element is divided into two subcomponents, Java Card area and Mifare
    4K area.

    Question to FAQ :

    Could you tell me: Will be Nokia extended Secure Element to new standard's as Mifare Plus area or Mifare DESFire area or other?.

    Thanks ...

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    Re: new_standard's_SE?

    I'm not from Nokia, but I guess that Nokia is more likely to use the SIM card as the Secure Element (at least in Europe) as in the 6216.
    The carriers won't widely deploy NFC handsets until the Secure Element is stored inside the SIM card, so I guess that Nokia will have to comply.

    But that doesn't prevent Nokia from adding their own Secure Element, in which case they might be interested in using a secure technology that hasn't been broken, so it's still possible we'll see phones with internal Mifare Plus tags...

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