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    Add dll to Carbide.c++


    How can i add an external dll to my project in Carbide c++?


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    Re: Add dll to Carbide.c++

    usually you donot add dlls to Carbide.C++ (in turn your application) directly you add a lib corresponding to DLL or load it in your code using RLibrary API

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    Re: Add dll to Carbide.c++

    A 3rd party DLL and/or its link library if available must be copied in the SDK, next to the system DLLs. The location differs based on the build configuration for which the DLL is provided. Also the interface header files should be copied in %EPOCROOT%epoc32\import but that is not really mandatory.

    To find out where to place the DLL/lib do a search in the SDK for "avkon.lib" and then make a judgement based on that listing.

    Once the files copied in the SDK you can start using the library as you would do with a regular one, add it to the MMP and call its interface in code.
    -- Lucian

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