Hi all,

We have released the first version of Plone GoMobile open source mobile content management system. Being from Finland, it is especially optimized for Series 60 devices

Project homepage: http://pypi.python.org/pypi/gomobile.mobile

Demo site: http://plonecommunity.mobi

GoMobile is a Plone add-on product to turn Plone to converged web and mobile content management system. It aims to be the leading open source solution for mobile and converged content management. This is achieved by not making compromises on mobile site usability.


Note: GoMobile is still under development. Some of these features might require extra work to be enabled in your configuration.

* Automatically reformat pages and images suitable for mobile consumption.
* Degenerate gracefully when viewing the pages on less powerful mobile phones (other than webkit based browser)
* Manage web and mobile content from the same user interface.
* Mobile phone preview option for pages in the admin interface.
* Categorize site sections belonging to web, mobile or both (gomobile.convergence product)
* Possible to use same URLs for web and mobile content. This way pages are displayed correctly whether the user opens them from his web browser or mobile browser. Very handy for outgoing links in email.
* Big folder navigation and link buttons for touch screen displays to make the mobile site finger friendly.
* Superious handset database support, sourcing information from multiple handset databases.
* Enable and disable site features depending on whether the handset supports them (location based services, downloadable ringtones, downloadable widgets).
* Built on Plone and Zope component architecture to make the product extensible, configurable and future proof.
* Upload video files and they will be automatically transcoded suitable for different web and mobile platforms (commercial add on service)