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    confuse between target and record

    I am confuse about target and record. Can some one tell me that what is the real difference between them ? Once if we detect target we used to get record in targetDetected() method. do they are the records which we are gettting in recordDeetected() or it is something else ?

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    Re: confuse between target and record

    A "Target" is a NFC tag.
    A "Record" is a NDEF Record inside a NFC tag.

    So targetDetected() will be called once a NFC tag has been discovered while recordDetected() will be called when a NFC tag with a NDEF Record has been discovered.
    You could say that Record is a subset of Target.

    This means that when a NFC tag with a NFC Record is discovered, both recordDetected and targetDetected should be called (but I'm not really sure on this one).

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