could someone tell me what Nokia said about J2ME DRM in following teleconference:

Discussion of DRM for Ovi Store

OVERVIEW: All, Our thanks in advance to developers from the Forum Nokia discussion board for joining us on this call!  Our goal on the Ovi Store team is hear first-hand your thoughts and perspective on Digital Rights Management and drive towards a solution that will best support your needs and ideally, the needs of the greater Ovi Store publisher community spanning the full range of apps (from lower cost to high value native apps, from Series 40 platform to S60). This is a complex issue, with no "one size fits all" solution. We do have some options thought that we'd like to explore and want to make sure we're in synch with the thinking of this group that makes its living creating and selling mobile applications. 
Our agenda is below. We'll have just an hour and so will need to move quickly through the topics. Again, Many thanks for your time and input!  After this discussion we'll outline specific next steps and will keep you posted throughout. Best - Eric John, Ovi Store 
Intro / Overview (Eric)  - 2 min
Who's Who (all)  - 3 min
History of DRM on Nokia's Download Service, N-Gage and Ovi Store (Patrick and Greg) - 10 min Developer DRM needs / priorities (FN devs)  - 15 min Ovi Store review of short term DRM options (Forward Lock 1.0 on S40,  Open Bit on S60) - Rob McGarry  - 10 min Developer Feedback (FN Devs) - 15 min Next Steps (Eric/Gregg/Patrick) - 5 min
Regards FoL