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    Question Full phone backup&restore using python


    Is it possible to create a full phone backup using python? Like the one you can create using the built in Memory app, which creates a single file with all the custom things on the phone (contacts, calendar, other PIM data etc, bookmarks, theme, sounds, main menu layout, etc etc) and can restore the phone to the state saved in the file.
    I did some research, if it is possible to call the mentioned memory app with some parameters like what to save, where to save, or to do a restore, but found nothing. The app is Z:\sys\bin\MMCApp.exe, or at least this exe handles the UI, but no more info.
    I didn't find any API with this function in python, which would be more simple than hacking around with calling external files from the python program.
    Even thought of wiriting a complete program which would manually save the PIM data one-by-one with the API-s to handle them, but it is out of my programming capabilities and the other resources available for the project.
    Soo... this is the question, any help is welcome.


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    Re: Full phone backup&restore using python


    Basically the answer is no, this can't be done with Python. It is possible to save various bits of data like contacts and files but it's not feasible to do it in Python. Plus there is no way to access certain protected directories like sys or resource without special capabilities, which you have to pay for. If you can find a way to call the backup application like you said it would be great, but I doubt you will.

    I'm not saying this is completely impossible, but don't get your hopes too high, this is a complex project.

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