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    Unhappy Nokia N97 USB connection not showing in Device Connectivity app (Nokia N97 SDK)


    I am using Windows XP64 SP2 and Windows XP SP2 on two different machines. Both are loaded with Netbeans 6.5.1 and Nokia N97 SDK (0.5). I also have the S60 SDK (version 3 and FP1 and FP2) installed on both machines.

    I am using ActivePerl 5.6.8 and also tried the latest version on both machines. Each time with each combination on each machine the N97 Emulator works.

    On the XP64 machine Deploy and Debug do not work and the device (ECMT agent does not connect) does not show in Device Connectivity application.

    On the XP(32-bit) machine, the device connects and i can use Deploy but not Debug.

    What is the best environment configuration to use for debugging N97 with SDK and Netbeans ?

    (I would like to add that i had no problems on both machines with the latest ActivePerl connection to Nokia E90 and N95)

    Thank you very much for a solution.
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