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    [moved] Button problem

    hi all,
    I am facing a problem about dialog.
    I have a resource as follows:

    RESOURCE DIALOG r_dialog_warning
    flags = EAknWarningNoteFlags | EEikDialogFlagWait;
    items =
    type = EAknCtNote;
    id = EGeneralNote;
    control = AVKON_NOTE
    layout = EGeneralLayout;
    animation = R_QGN_NOTE_WARNING_ANIM;

    I have executed that by the following code:

    CAknNoteDialog* dialog = new (ELeave) CAknNoteDialog(CAknNoteDialog::EConfirmationTone,
    dialog->SetTextL( aMessage );

    This gives me a dialog which have only one button called "OK".
    Now the problem is if i press any key of the keypad then the dialog disappears. But i want that without the ok softkey no key will not work.
    Is there any solution about it please give and i will be very grateful to him/her.

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    Re: Button problem

    The right section to post your query is here.

    Anyway this is the right behaviour of CAknNoteDialog. You can either use CAknMessageQueryDialog or create a class inherited from the base class and override the offerkeyeventL function.

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    Re: Button problem

    Quote Originally Posted by savaj View Post
    The right section to post your query is here.
    Don't bother about that, just have a look at this: http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...&starteronly=1
    Shahid pays me to move his posts to the right location :)
    -- Lucian

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