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    Lightbulb More specific categories for applications


    this is just an idea - shouldn't be the applications be more segmented? When browsing Ovi all categories I can see are "Suggested to me", "most popular" and "Newest - oldest". I think many people could use categorisation like "entertainment", "tweaks", "security", "browsing", "tools" etc. Categories could be picked up from polls e.g. placed on this forum, mailed to the publishers etc.

    Never forget that the faster a customer gets to stuff he needs, the faster will he buy it! Hopefully Ovi isn't running "supermarket strategy", where loafs of bread are stocked in the rear of the shop, so one will probably buy some additional stuff he doesn't actually need. This attitude would be, in my opinion, highly unsystematic. People shopping for amusement applications could always browse the "entertainment" section

    Cheers, Jan

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    Re: More specific categories for applications

    I have a friend that couldn't see the category breakdowns in their browser either. By any chance are you using Safari on an older version of OSX? Above the "most popular/suggested/latest" drop-down, there's a dark-colored bar of drop-down menus that list "recommended" "applications" "something" and "games", under all but "recommended" there are sub-categories.

    If you could post which browser and platform you have, it would probably help the OVI store developers to debug the problem.

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    Re: More specific categories for applications

    Thanks, it seems I was just confused about the webpage Nevertheless, the drop down menu is well hidden

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